About Me

I am Abhishek Jain, a common guy who has just discovered the curiosity of travelling to different places with a belief that solo travelling is better than not travelling at all.

Few incidences and some thoughts have made me believe that life is short and the world is very big to just sit and cry about your life problems. I got inspired with the problems of my own life and I am here writing blogs to share my travel experiences and motivation.

My only motive behind the blogs is to inspire anyone who wants to live life and not just spend it. I want everyone to believe that travel should wait for no one…

The title of my site “TRAVEL LASTRESORT” is the result of my belief that travel is the ultimate option to face every situation like that situation never existed. The tag line “SOLO>ZERO” is my literal belief that

“Travel is the goal which has to be achieved with someone or with no one “

 I hope that all my posts help you in some or the other way in your life and also inspires me to actually live a life.


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