20 Points of my travel guide

Points to travel guide

20 Points of my travel guide

Every travel guide should be categorized effectively and precisely to answer each and every question of a traveler. It should be detailed but at the same time has to be brief enough to keep the reader engaged.

I have made a list of 20 Points that I will cover in my travel guide so that no question gets unanswered and I will make sure that each and every detail is covered in a simple and a easy to read manner.


A quote written by me that will describe the destination in a poetry form

Beauty of the destination in one line

A brief introduction of the destination

Distance of the destination from the capital cities of all the 29 states and 7 union territories of India

To what kind of people the destination suits the best and what to expect from the destination

Number of days required to explore the destination

Which are the best and the convenient months to visit the destination

The estimated budget for budget, average and luxury traveler excluding the transport costs of flights,trains,buses etc.

What are the modes of transport available to reach the destination including nearest airport,railway station and bus stand

Accommodation options for budget,average and luxury traveler at convenient location

Spots to visit in order to explore the destination totally along with some tips and things to do at each spot

Options available to roam around in the destination including the best option to pick from all the options available

What to eat and where to eat so that you don’t miss the cafes offering delicious food

The things to buy and from where to buy to take along with you some memories of the destination

Details of all the cost which will be incurred at the destination

Contact details of the service providers like hotels,drivers,hiring of vehicles etc. so that your time required to search for all these services is saved

Some general tips regarding the destination so that you have only good memories of your travel

What are the alternatives for the destination so that you can select the best according to your convenience

Places which are near to the destination which can be visited in order to increase your travel memories

My final conclusion for the destination so that you can get a brief idea about it

I hope that all the points above answers all of your questions. If in any case you still have a question you can contact me and I will answer all of your questions as soon as possible.

“Travel is a goal which has to be achieved with someone or with no one”

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